Who Are You? 

Sun Conjunct Pluto – Light And Darkness 

Sun conjunct Pluto is the place where light and dimness impact. 

Sun is your character; it’s what your identity is. Character at its source is unadulterated soul, unadulterated cognizance; however, your personality is the actual body you identify within our world. 

Pluto is the dull, secretive planet that everybody fears, everybody discusses, except nobody can very get a grip of. Pluto is the planet of the awkward truth. Pluto’s fact will at first estrange you, yet then, at that point, it will liberate you. 

Pluto is the last planet in our solar framework; it’s the ‘last wilderness’ of reality as far as we might be concerned. Pluto’s circle is extremely whimsical and slanted. Pluto doesn’t circle inside a similar plane as the remainder of the Solar System. 

Figuratively, this implies that Pluto is simply the power that pulls our personality (the Self) to rise above itself. 

Sun conjunct Pluto will show you where you won’t see the reality of your identity (Sun) since this will mean confronting ‘the clouded side.’ 

Sun conjunct Pluto will request you to confront reality sun planet in astrology from who you truly are. This interaction can mix fears, as Pluto or Hades is the King of the Underworld. 

The Underworld is certainly not a detestable spot where you endure and satisfy your obligations. It very well may be anyway if you oppose it. 

If you let go of the dread, the Underworld is a position of mind-blowing wealth and intelligence. It’s the place where we gain admittance to layers and layers of data and profound information that are just not available under the glorious light of the Sun. 

We as a whole need to consistently reach out to this spot of quintessence and profound insight, that is Pluto. 

The Illusion Of Identity 

The greatest agony of our human condition is the fantasy of character. 

Sticking to our ‘character’ signifies we won’t draw in with the world. We are worried about the possibility that because of this commitment, this ‘picture’ of ourselves we painstakingly created a seemingly endless amount of many years will fall. Also, who needs to feel inauthentic? Who needs to feel like a fake? 

“That is not who I am” – you will say. “I need to remain consistent with myself.” However, remaining consistent with yourself is the greatest falsehood you were at any point told. 

If you need to remain “valid” to yourself and NOT transform, you essentially decline to draw in with the world and let yourself be changed by it. The refusal to draw in with the world means disconnection. Means distance. 

Would you truly like to be isolated from the world? Would you truly like to be separated from everyone else? 

Since this is what you’re doing when you stick to your personality, you separate yourself from the world when you stick to your sense of self. By isolating yourself from the world, you accept you’re protecting your primary respectability, your character. 

Yet, the only reality in life is change. 

Sun Conjunct Pluto – You Are Not Who You Think You Are 

You are not the individual you were yesterday. Also, tomorrow you won’t be the individual you are today. Sticking to a static personality keeps you caught inside your inward air pocket. 

Suppose you identify yourself as a craftsman. Since your identification is solid, you anticipate proof from the rest of the world. What’s more, when you don’t get it, you endure. “For what reason does nobody get me? For what reason does nobody see and like me? For what reason does nobody like my photographs?”. 

The less proof you get, the harder you attempt to get it. You get a certification. You make increasingly more artistry. You get yourself distributed in a magazine and afterward share the article with the world as preeminent proof that they are incorrect. 

Consider the possibility that there is something different going on. If the world doesn’t recognize you as a craftsman, it’s maybe because you’re at this point, not a craftsman. Indeed, you used to be a magnificent craftsman. Also, maybe, you will get back in contact with the inventive fire again later on. 

In any case, at this moment, you’re, as of now, not a craftsman. The more you attempt to get proof for something that doesn’t exist, the more you will endure. 

Pluto is simply the profound realizing that the is a dream and that the simple idea of presence is consistent change, constant greatness. Every second is change and change. 

Furthermore, as far as we might be concerned, change implies passing. The dread of death is put away in each cell of our body and assists us with keeping the respectability of the self-image. This dread of death serves a vital job in our endurance, yet it likewise restricts us. 

How might you respond if you knew with conviction that nothing of the sort as ‘death,’ yet just ‘change’? 

Sun conjunct Pluto at its center isn’t dread of death; it’s dread of eternality. All the more precisely, it is the dread of the groundbreaking quality that shows up with our eternal nature. 

Sun Conjunct Pluto – Who Are You? 

Take a gander at yourself in the mirror. 

Do you identify with that individual? What eternal others say about you? Do you identify yourself with their words, with their assumptions? 

What’s your calling? Do you identify yourself with it? 

Who composed the account of your character? Is this the genuine you or a picture painstakingly created, after a seemingly endless amount of a large number of years, to find a way into a social great? 

The ‘genuine’ you don’t exist, so don’t sit around idly attempting to discover it or play by its old standards. 

The more you stick to a static idea of personality, the more you endure. 

The more you get yourself, the more you drift away from the thoughts you were programmed into accepting (Capricorn). 

At the point when you acknowledge that your personality is a deception, then, at that point, the greatness turns into a state of your life. 

Sun conjunct Pluto will advise you that you are steadily developing. You can be anybody; you can be all over and no place. You can return to your past and change your recollections. You can go into the future and figure out your present. 

At the point when you rise above the dread of change, anything becomes conceivable.