Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping

In a 2013 study, researchers studied the impact of EFT tapping on veterans with PTSD against those receiving standard care. Based on Chinese medicine, meridian points are thought of as areas of the body energy flows through. There are online, app, and telemedicine options for clinical EFT. However, in-person sessions were found to reduce PTSD symptoms 91 percent versus telephone sessions that reduced symptoms by 67 percent, according to a review and survey published in 2017 in The Permanente Journal. Your therapist may ask you to rate the intensity of the traumatic event at various points during the session.

The body, like everything in the universe, is composed of energy. Restore balance to the body’s energy, and you will mend the negative emotions and physical symptoms that stem from the energy disruption. Tapping restores the body’s energy balance, and negative emotions are conquered. All EFT instructors were trained and certified in Clinical EFT .

May Relieve General Stress and Anxiety

However, the research to date is limited, and some of the studies are very small. One criticism is that some of the earlier studies have flaws in their scientific methods, which can make the results unreliable. There have been relatively few studies on EFT, but the body of research has grown in recent years. This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 10 June 2023.

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EFT was applied with fidelity to the third edition of The EFT Manual.60 Twelve hours of the workshop was devoted to clinical demonstrations, practice sessions, and feedback. EFT was delivered as peer-to-peer coaching, and symptoms assessed without attempting to diagnose or treat mental health conditions. A group delivery method known as “Borrowing Benefits” described in The EFT Manual60 was used, in which EFT is administered to one individual while the remainder of the group simultaneously self-applies EFT. The settings included residential institutes, nonresidential institutes, hotel meeting rooms, and a university campus. Two were conducted at residential institutes in which the curriculum was delivered over the course of 5 days, with 2 half-days off, but the same number of instruction and practice hours.

How does EFT/Tapping work?

By contrast, conventional methods and popular self-help books stress positive thinking and preach avoiding the negative. This sounds good but, for our purposes, it does little more than cover over the negative with pleasant sounding words. EFT, on the other hand, needs to aim at the negative so it can be neutralized. Here you establish a before level of the issue’s intensity by assigning a number to it on a 0-10 scale where 10 is the worst the issue has ever been and 0 is no problem whatsoever. This serves as a benchmark so we can compare our progress after each round of The EFT Tapping Basic Recipe.

EFT aims to release these blockages and rebalance the body’s energy. The points where pressure is applied during EFT depends on the nature of the problem you’d like to solve and the locations of the body’s energy meridians, a concept drawn in part from traditional Chinese medicine. The 9 Gamut Procedure is a 10 second process wherein a gamut of 9 “brain stimulating” actions are performed while continuously tapping on one of the body’s energy points . To do the 9 Gamut Procedure, you must first locate the Gamut point. This is essential because it is the negative that creates the energy disruptions that The EFT Tapping Basic Recipe clears .

The therapeutic effects of this technique are recognized around the world. One can use EFT tapping for anxiety, weight loss issues, pain, stress and many other issues. Emotional Freedom Technique is a revolutionary treatment method that offers healing from physical and emotional pain and disease. Without the use of needles, this form of acupuncture uses the fingertips to stimulate energy points on the body. Developed by Gary Craig, this is an easily mastered technique that can be performed virtually anywhere.

Also, for clarification, the points we use are at or near the end points of the energy pathways … OR … at points along these pathways that are close to the body’s surface. But what would happen if you took off the back of the TV set and carelessly probed through its complicated electronics with a metal screwdriver?

We require our members to uphold positive ethics and a code of conduct. They also must complete an annual professional development process. If you are looking Change Your MInd and Create Your results course for an EFT Session or ‘Tapping Therapy’, please visit the practitioners directory. Each practitioner will describe their specific skills and certifications.